Summer Camp Dates and Early Enrollment Savings!

Summer Camp Dates and Early Enrollment Savings!

Art plays an integral role in childhood education, play, development and so much more, yet sadly, it’s always the first thing cut in our schools. Take back the ARTS for your kids this Summer! Enrich them with Gypsy Studios Art Camp.

  • Proud artist enjoying the artist reception

We are excited to announce our Summer Camp dates, opening of enrollment and especially to share that we are offering a $50 discount off all camp sign-ups made this month! That is a total of $300 off if you join us for all 6 camps! Summer camps sell out and this is a limited time offer for all those who plan early and act fast :).

USE CODE ‘GiveKidsArt’ at checkout to receive your $50 discount

About Summer Camp with Gypsy Studios:
This Summer join us for a week (or weeks) of fun, creativity, and artistic expression! We will be creating paintings, drawings, sculptures, decoupage pieces, weavings, clay works and more!

Enjoy three or more guided paintings each week and close with an open house art show featuring all the young artist’s work from that week. There is much to look forward to this Summer with new projects and paintings, exploring with watercolors, pastels and acrylic paints as well as the occasional walking field trip to gather inspiration.

Summer Camp Dates:

Week 1: June 24-28 SIGN-UP HERE

Week 2: July 1-5 SIGN-UP HERE

Week 3: July 8-12 SIGN-UP HERE

Week 4: July 15-19 SIGN-UP HERE

Week 5: July 22-26 SIGN-UP HERE

Week 6: July 29-Aug 2 SIGN-UP HERE

Upcoming Events:

  • April 13- Watercolors at the Santa Ynez Botanical Gardens INFO LINK
  • May 11- Painting in the Vineyard at Koehler Winery INFO LINK
  • May 12- MOTHER’S DAY Painting in the Vineyard at Brander Vineyard INFO LINK

Upcoming Adult Classes (ages 16+):

  • Beginner Acrylic Painting 6 week Course, starting Thursday, April 25 INFO
  • Explorations in Art 6 week Course, starting Wednesday, May 1 INFO

Kids art camps & art classes

February at Gypsy Studios;
for Teens & Kids

(Middle School Art Classes and Mid-Winter Break Camp)


What to look forward to this month

Mid-Winter Art Camp (Feb. 18-22) 10 am-2:30 pm

Join us for one, two or all five days (at a discounted rate)! Geared toward children ages 7-13, we provide space and guidance for kids to freely create, learn different skills in various mediums and build self-confidence. Afternoon guided paintings include a billy goat, ostrich, rhino, beta fish and seahorse. 

*All materials provided


Junior High & High School 5-Week Acrylic Painting Course*- Weekly Beginning Feb. 26, 3:45-5:15pm 

Join us in a five-session series for beginner to intermediate adolescent painters aged 12-17! This class aims to equip them with basic techniques of acrylic painting and fundamentals of composition, perspective and color theory.

*All materials will be provided for this course


Have a special event coming up this month?

We offer private parties at the location of your choosing, in our art studio or in the vineyard! Celebrate your next birthday, social gathering, family visit or shower with us!

February for Teens & Kids at Gypsy Studios


February at Gypsy Studios;
for Teens & Kids

(Middle School Art Classes and Mid-Winter Break Camp)


5 Reasons why you should try painting with acrylics…

If you have ever wondered why acrylic paint is our preferred medium for Painting in the Vineyard or art classes well here is an article that helps sum it up . Starting with

1. You only need a few simple tools

All it took to clean up this beach was a fish named Goby

As some rumours swirl around the internet that there will be more plastic than fish by 2050, there are also some great stories about local recycling, like this one about Goby The Fish.

Winter Break to Mid-Winter Break

We can’t believe we never shared any photos from winter break camp! With January more than half way over we are in full prep mode for our next art camp over Mid-Winter break. Beat the rush and sign up early to secure your child’s spot 🥳🎨👨‍🎨👩‍🎨


Wherever you are, be there totally.

This one spoke to our hearts. Working on being in each moment, each day. It’s a constant challenge for me (Maria), in this overly stimulating and fast paced world but I will always keep trying.

Repost Lisa Congdon Art + Illustration

Fun with the Gypsies in the Santa Ynez Valley 🌿

Happy 2019!

Many have asked for information on our painting events for this year, so we wanted to share the schedule with you all!  If you have a special occasion you’re planning, are expecting to visit the beautiful Santa Barbara wine country or are just looking for a fun new activity to enjoy, find a date that works for you and join us!

The list of events below is our set schedule (at this time), in addition to our 6-week painting courses, kids art camps, and private lessons. The fun we offer extends far beyond the vineyards, so keep us in mind for your next birthday party, bridal shower, or family gathering.

Painting in the Vineyard

Guided painting & wine tasting

Did you know we also offer Kids Art Camps daily during all school breaks and weekly over the Summer? If you haven’t already, check it out! Camps are from 10-2:30 and include all supplies.

Next on the books is Mid-Winter Break Art Camp, February 18-22. Click theLINK HERE to learn about the projects we will be working on and all about our afternoon guided paintings!

Kids After-School Art Classes Coming soon as well! (starting in March)


30 – Painting in the Vineyard at The Brander Vineyard

6 – Painting in the Vineyard at Koehler Winery
13 – Watercolors at Santa Ynez Valley Botanical Garden

11 – (Mother’s Day Weekend) Painting in the Vineyard at Koehler Winery
12– (Mother’s Day Weekend)Painting in the Vineyard at  Kalyra Vineyard

15 –  Painting in the Vineyard at Kalyra Vineyard
30 – Painting in the Vineyard at Andrew Murray Winery

21 – Painting in the Vineyard at Kalyra Vineyard

6 – Painting in the Vineyard at Andrew Murray Vineyard
19– Painting in the Vineyard at Kalyra Vineyard

2– Painting in the Vineyard at The Brander Vineyard


Why not book a Private Painting in the Vineyard Experience for your group.

Discovering and Creating a Life of My Own

Maria here, and I wanted to share a “Tuesday Tale” about how I came to join Gypsy Studios while finding myself in a year I dedicated to me.

Today is #GivingTuesday and while it is my favorite addition to the shopping days after Thanksgiving, it always seems to remind me of the endless pressures, albeit somewhat self-inflicted, of the holiday season. Between personal feelings of unearned good fortune (where we live, good health, food on the table), seeing estranged family, and countless holiday parties (this introvert’s personal favorite) I have to constantly remind myself during the holidays to take care of me. Love myself. Listen to what I need. As Buddha once said, “You, yourself, as much as anybody else in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

It felt almost selfish, the year I decided to really begin the journey of owning my life, but halfway through the year before my 30th birthday I had the profound realization that I didn’t know who I was. Just me. A singular person outside of my family unit. A member of my family was the only context I knew myself in. But who was Maria? What did Maria like to do? What was MY story. Not the story I was born into (which has an amazing cast, btw), but the one where I was the main character and existed as a stand-alone storyline. So I set out to answer these questions and create my life with intention.

I stepped into the discomfort of the unknown–something I was not excited about or known for doing, voluntarily. I went places, learned things, booked a trip to New York on a whim and opened myself up to the world. There was also a lot of committing to doing things by myself if I couldn’t wrangle someone else into joining. Those commitments really enhanced the feelings of discomfort, but as I am sure come as no surprise, also enhanced the experience of self discovery. Truly experiencing moments with only my like or dislike to consider and grow from was somewhat liberating.

During this time I signed up for a Gypsy Studios art course and fell in love with all of it. I owned a children’s consignment store for upward of 8 years that had sort of fallen into my lap. I loved the store, mostly the relationships built from it and connections made, but otherwise felt completely unfulfilled. As Gypsy Studios grew to a place of expansion, I jumped at the opportunity to join the team and help further its offerings! I sold my business and helped bring the “art studio on wheels” into a brick-and-mortar studio. I helped start our kids art camps during school breaks which allowed me to combine my enthusiasm for creating with my love of children and their endless energy and curios minds. The possibilities of life and business are endless but always seem to begin and continue in that place of “discomfort” known as growth. Ugh 😉

So this holiday season, particularly this Giving Tuesday, I remind myself and you too, yes, be aware of and grateful for blessings, say yes when we can, give with intention, but most importantly, to LOVE and take care of ourselves each and every day.

Looking for some great organizations?
May I suggest one close to my heart, personally, (CAMP KESEM) and one close my heart, professionally, (ARTS OUTREACH.)
Camp Kesem: My nephews have been profoundly impacted by this incredible organization and the free camp they put together for children affected by their parents’ battles with cancer. Even just $5 makes such a difference in helping one more child heal their ptsd and trauma. Many many thanks! LEARN MORE AND DONATE HERE

Arts Outreach: Bringing art into our local schools and community- “Arts Outreach is a small non-profit, that wouldn’t exist without help from the community. As we enter Arts Outreach’s 39th year, we are reflecting on all the donations big and small that have helped keep art in schools for our kids.” DONATE HERE

Landscape Painting Weekend Workshop Aug 17-19



Are you looking to jump-start, develop or expand your landscape painting abilities?

Learn how landscape artists layout their compositions, simplify what the eye sees, use a variety of brushes and stroke to communicate different foliage, the importance of shade, color, and tint in expressing planes and so much more.

Don’t worry if none of that verbiage makes sense to you–it will after the workshop! We’ll break it down to the very basics.

Join us Aug. 17-19, for a weekend dedicated fully to the artistry that goes into developing beautiful landscape paintings from start to finish!


Already booked for the weekend of Aug 17-19? Find out more, below, about our weekly class series, the dates they begin, the series lengths, and types, all formatted for whatever your skill level may be… or not be 😉 

Aug 23 (4-wk) Thursday Evenings: Beginners Acrylic Class

Sept. 5 (5-wk) Wednesday Evenings: Beginner Watercolor

October 4 (6-wk) Thursday Evenings: Intermediate Acrylic Class

October 23 (4-wk) Tuesday Evenings: Beginners Acrylic Class

Wherever the coming weeks take you be sure to stay tuned, as we will be announcing more workshops and events soon!