Announcing our Annual Italian Art Retreat–Bellissima Art Retreats!

Bellissima Art Retreat in Italy!
Ciao Amici!

Hope this message finds you enjoying the crisper weather and the anticipation of the holidays. Speaking of holidays, I’m actually hosting my first Thanksgiving this year…so that’s fun (and a bit nerve-wracking), but at least it’s my favorite holiday. I just wanted to write to you to let you know about a couple of really exciting things!!

First and most importantly, we solidified our June 2017 dates and all of the details for our second annual Bellissima Art Retreat in Tuscany! Chelsea Ward of Sketchy Notions & I have teamed up and actually started a new business in addition to our own separate businesses that we’ve named “Bellissima Art Retreats.” We will be hosting our annual week-long art retreats in Italy as well as quarterly weekend retreats stateside! We can’t wait. Stay tuned for more info on a weekend retreat in late February or early March on the Central Coast. And in the meantime–please check out our new website to see what we’re up to and learn more about the Summer retreats. (This year we’re doing TWO).

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Also–if you’re way ahead of the game & already holiday shopping, well…I applaud you. That is super impressive! I’d also love to offer a couple of suggestions. We have gift certificates available for 6-Week Painting Classes in the Valley, Painting in the Vineyard events and if you’re feeling especially generous–you can even gift an Italian Art Retreat to a special someone!

Beside that–please take a look at the upcoming events and classes below!

Thank you and I hope you have an incredible Thanksgiving meal…er, holiday 😉

Love + Art,

PS…if you are in charge of your office’s holiday parties this year–know that we offer private parties and can come to you–or go wherever–because, you know, we’re gypsies.