Art Spot: Painting in the Vineyard and Beyond

Original artwork by Christi Belle, oil on panel

Welcome to Art Spot, we’re so happy you’re here! We're dedicated to serving passionate individuals like you, who crave a space to express themselves artistically. Here, you're not just a visitor, you're part of our vibrant creative family. At Art Spot, diversity is celebrated, and our studio serves as a safe space for artists of all levels. We know that every artist was once an amateur, and we're here to nurture your creative journey.

Inspired by the breathtaking local landscapes of the Santa Ynez Valley, Christi Belle founded this studio to create a space where art meets nature. Our painting classes and events focus on designs inspired by the beauty of our surroundings, reflecting the serene and picturesque ambiance of our valley.

Art Spot's journey began in 2014 when Christi, as a tasting room manager, felt a pull towards something more meaningful. Dissatisfied with traditional paint and sip offerings, she envisioned a different approach—painting in the vineyards. As the idea blossomed into reality, so did our community. Locals and tourists alike join our events, painting amidst the picturesque vineyards of the Santa Ynez Valley and Santa Barbara County. The demand for more in-depth art classes grew and eventually encouraged us to settle from an “on wheels” business into a more permanent studio.

painting in the vineyard under an oak tree

With the support of Christi’s wife Maria, we expanded our vision to create a permanent studio space, moving away from the mobile 'Art Spot on Wheels' concept. Maria's involvement has been instrumental in shaping our journey, bringing her passion for art and her knack for creating a welcoming environment to Art Spot. She introduced kids classes and crafting events, adding a new dimension to our offerings.

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Meet the Artists


Christi Belle

Christi Belle is a Santa Ynez Valley local, the founder and co-owner of Art Spot. She is passionate about art and believes that creating is what we were all made to do. Ultimately, Christi hopes to inspire others through the creative process. Fun, energetic and encouraging as an instructor she lives for the moment when students light up as they step back and look at what they’ve created. Art Spot was born out of a desire to share her passion for painting and gifted ability to teach students leaving them comfortable with a paintbrush and proud of what they’ve accomplished. At the inception of Art Spot, Christi, as a natural born explorer, was unready to put down her roots in one location and thus began Art Spot to satisfy both pieces of her passions. After two years as a mobile business she and her wife Maria opened Art Spot “The Landing” to offer a space for ongoing classes, workshops and kids camps. In 2019, they opened up a larger studio that would serve as a community art center where kids and adults alike could drop in to create on their schedule.

Maria Belle Art Spot

Maria Belle

Maria Belle is co-owner of Art Spot and has an insatiable desire to try her hand at any and all art mediums she can. She grew up helping her father in the wood shop and learned stained glass working alongside her grandparents creating beautiful window panes for their home. Maria first became acquainted with Art Spot when taking a 6-week acrylic course where she fell in love (in all the ways). She operated and later owned a children’s consignment store in the Valley for 8 years and comes to us with knowledge of business that can only be learned with experience. Maria is a self proclaimed “Jack of all trades, and master of none” and has begun developing a place for youth focused classes, workshops and camps with Art Spot.

Sandra Dotson

Sandra Dotson

Sandra Dotson is our newest team member at Art Spot. Originally from Germany, Sandra now calls California her home. With a background in virtual reality and retail sales, Sandra brings a wealth of expertise to our marketing efforts. Her experience as a small business owner has equipped her with invaluable insights into social media and email marketing strategies, enhancing our online presence. Sandra is not only a skilled marketer but also a passionate crafter, as demonstrated through her jewelry business. Her love for art transcends mediums, whether it’s watercolors or needlepoint. Sandra’s enthusiasm shines through in every project she undertakes, reflecting her dedication to creativity. Thrilled to be part of the Art Spot team, Sandra is excited to embark on this new creative journey with us, bringing her unique perspective and skills to further our mission of fostering artistic expression and community engagement.

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