“Summer, Summer, Summertime. Time To Sit Back And Unwind”

 Summertime with Gypsy Studios Art


Learn to Paint with Acrylics Weekend Workshop 

May 19 & 20 | $240

Interested in learning to paint on your own but have been unable to make a multi-week painting course or live out of town? Then this workshop is just for you and will equip you with basic techniques and fundamentals of composition, perspective and color theory. We provide the lessons, inspiring studio space, and encouragement; you provide your art supplies (list provided), willingness, and favorite bottle of wine (or beverage of your choice). This is your last opportunity until August to learn to paint with us!


Painting in the Vineyard 

This is a perfect, stress-free environment that will both inspire your creative spirit and indulge the wine-lover in you. You’ll even walk away with a masterpiece of your own to commemorate the occasion.

If you’re thinking, “I don’t have an artistic bone in my body,” or “but, I don’t know how to paint,” don’t worry! A trained artist will walk you through the entire painting process step-by-step. Most of our guests are amazed by what they’ve created. Events are typically 3 hours long, provide all materials necessary as well as a wine tasting from the host vineyard!

Locations, dates and links can be found below.

 Upcoming Painting in the Vineyard Schedule:

6 – Roblar Winery
12 (Mother’s Day Weekend) – Kessler-Haak (BBQ included)
13 (Mother’s Day Weekend) – Hilliard Bruce (with Lunch)
27 (Memorial Day Weekend) – Kalyra

16 – Sanford Winery
24 – Kalyra

1 – Roblar Winery 
7 – Andrew Murray Vineyard
15 – The Brander Vineyard
21- Koehler Winery
22- Kalyra

5- Hilliard Bruce (with Lunch)
25 – Sanford Winery

16 – Kalyra
30 – Roblar Winery