Tuesday Tale 9/12/17

Tuesday Tale: On this day we hosted our first birthday party at our new studio space “The Landing”. I love kids, and taking them on adventures and seeing life through their eyes… but this was HARD! Christi was amazing and I (Maria) was rather overwhelmed. The kids were unaware of my impending melt down and at the end we all walked away feeling proud of our accomplishments. One little said “I had no idea I could paint so well!” To which her friend said, “me either! I didn’t think mine would be so beautiful.”
Then, just like that, my personal stress of everything going exactly as I wanted (which let’s face it, is the biggest lesson kids give) went away. Stuff doesn’t always look exactly as I want and with kids events I am always reminded of that. It’s not about an event looking exactly as I want but looking like exactly what the need– creative, free, lightly structured, and most of all confidence building in allowing themselves to be vulnerable. Myself included.