What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

Are you waiting for the right time of life to try something new, or learn a skill? Are you waiting until conditions are perfect (like I do)? I remember telling myself that I’d exercise more when I had more free time…but so far, none of my time has freed up. Shocking! Or, I’d eat healthier when my eating habits started catching up with me. Or, I’d develop spiritual discipline when I didn’t have reading assignments for school. Why do we put things off that are in our best interest? Why do we think at some point everything will fall into place and become perfect? We’re waiting for perfection–at least I am. I’m imagining some sort of utopian future.

What I’ve been realizing lately is that perfection isn’t on its way—at least not on this side of Heaven. Turns out nothing will really happen unless we take action.

But I’m still waiting to act because I’m hoping for the PERFECT thing to act on. Or even knowing the RIGHT thing to act on. In this country, we’re so used to having limitless options and opportunities that we become somewhat paralyzed. Option paralysis is a real thing! I mean—have you seen the cereal isle at the grocery store?? What do you do when you like all the things? Who wants to settle on one?

There are simply too many options available that cloud our mind and make choosing one feel like we’re settling. But that’s not true. We can always redirect our route further down the road. Just like in a painting—you can always paint another layer on top. It’s not set in stone…it’s just set in motion. You’re not settling on anything…you’re starting something. Once we make a decision and go with it, everything starts moving and becomes “un-stuck.”

This is not the dress rehearsal, friends….this is it! This is your life. Don’t wait.