Labor Day Weekend!!

I mean…who doesn’t love a THREE DAY WEEKEND?!

Holidays like Labor Day and the Fourth of July are some of my favorites. You know why? Because there’s just not a lot of pressure surrounding them. These holidays share most of the same benefits that Christmas and New Year’s Eve offer, without all of the stress. No gifts to exchange, no familial obligations to worry about and no grandiose expectations to live up to.

Labor Day, the Fourth of July, and other “lesser” holidays involve the gathering of friends and family to break bread and enjoy each other and the fruits of our labor. I hope you have some fun plans to look forward to this weekend and are building in time to relax as well.

Because let’s NOT labor over Labor Day Weekend….let’s take it easy and enjoy the BBQs and summer fun.

Next week we can dive in head first and start dreaming about pumpkin spice lattes, but this weekend, let’s celebrate and be thankful for what all of our hard work allows us to enjoy.

I’m looking forward to spending time with friends, painting at a new location (Koehler Winery!), attending my first ever polo match and taking evening strolls with friends to soak up the remnants of these beautiful summer nights.

I hope you’ve got something fun planned, and if you don’t yet–join us at Koehler this Saturday!

Have a great holiday weekend, friends.

PS…here’s some great shots from last weekends events!

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