Foiled Again.

Moonstone beach cambria

I mean, gorgeous, right…how could you not be at peace here?
That’s what you’re thinking, right? A day away…in Cambria! Lucky. Best place in the world to quiet the noise and just BE.

Well……….see what happened was….

Everything didn’t quite go as planned. Picture this: waking up to the lovely ocean breeze, enjoying a slow morning in bed with the fireplace on and freshly delivered *complimentary* breakfast pastries, fruits and coffee. Writing, reading…basically the scene looked like this:

Personal retreat, art, painting

Idyllic, right? Exactly. This is going to be the best day ever!

So I throw on my sweatshirt, pour myself a glass of my favorite bubbly and stroll across the street to the cliffs where I plan to just sit and enjoy the view…and of course, “BE.” First sip….yum! But, man, it’s kinda chilly. Brrr…shivering a bit. Oh well, I think, I’ll just bundle up a bit more after this glass.

A couple slowly walks by on the boardwalk, huddled together underneath a shared jacket. I look up and smile at them when all of sudden, from my frigid little fingers, slips the glass of sparkling rose. The ENTIRE glass spills onto my lap. Like, completely. I’m drenched. Awesome! Great start to this “peaceful” getaway. Ugh.

So, first, you’re welcome for the little insight into my self-care trip. And second, I share this because It’s pretty funny, now (less funny then…as I was freezing and ashamedly walking back to my room with sparkling rose dripping down my legs and into my sandals), how perfect this was.

This elusive “peace” and “serenity” that I was hoping to find by going somewhere else–somewhere away from my normal everyday life–wasn’t there. I was shocked (it’s okay if you’re laughing. I’ll try not to take it personally).

My bubbly mishap is a great reminder that it’s not about where we are. Plans can go awry in even the most enchanting of places. Sure, it’s nice to get away, but it’s equally as important, critical even, that we are able to find peace in our everyday lives. Here and now…right where we are.

I have a hunch that the peace and the help we crave is actually somewhere deep within us–not somewhere else. Maybe we already have everything we need right here–within our grasp.

If we can quiet ourselves long enough and breathe, remembering we are here for a reason, remembering that we’re not alone and remembering that someone or something much bigger than us is in control. And keep breathing. Ten deep breaths, I’m told.

I really do think breathing helps this process. Breathing requires that we slow down and it connects our racing minds to our physical being. This awareness that we are alive and functioning really allows us to shift our anxious thoughts to the present moment. It allows us to shift from fear to gratitude. And I’m pretty sure a grateful heart is a peaceful heart.

Speaking of gratefulness, I’d like you to know that I’m extremely grateful for you! My biggest take-away from this self-care trip was that I really love what I do. I was actually really looking forward to coming home and getting back on the journey. So thank you!

Thank you for your courage and for sharing your creative space with me. I believe that creative space is a sacred space. It is incredibly vulnerable and I feel honored to be able to dive in there with you.

I’ve learned more from you than you will ever know!

Love + Art,