Some call it therapy…


Well, because it kind of is.

The act of creating is something we were literally MADE to do. We’re designed to create–whether that be cooking up a fabulous meal, composing a song, building something, tending a garden or painting a picture–we were born with an innate desire to create.

Remember back when you were a kid–or, if you have kids, picture them as little ones–they’re fearless, right? Born creators. They love it…can’t get enough and they’ll just dive right in and can’t wait to share what they’ve made with you. That is, until they reach age 8 or 9 (or somewhere in there). The time when we start learning all the things we’re good at and the things we’re not so good at. It’s those formative years that we start defining our own limitations and creating boxes for ourselves to fit nicely inside of.

It’s sort of tragic, really. One little remark or comment about our performance during these impressionable years can really shape our identity.

I wonder if, when we practice things that we’ve told ourselves (or others have told us) for years that we can’t do or we’re not good at–we might just surprise ourselves? It might just be terribly therapeutic to learn a new skill or practice something long forgotten that was once a piece of us.

It’s one of my favorite things when we’re over at Figueroa Mountain Brew on Wednesday nights when kids come upstairs and watch us paint. They’re enthralled and almost always want to jump in themselves. If not, they’re at least sure to notify you that they love art. I haven’t met a young child yet that doesn’t.

What happened to all of those kids that love art? My suspicion is that that kid is still in each of us…waiting to be acknowledged and allowed to play again.

Come be a kid with us! We’ve got new beginner painting classes starting up the first week of October. This time we’re adding in another medium too–WATERCOLOR! Fun 🙂 Check out this link for more info: 6-Wk Art Classes.

Also–check out this article: Art as Therapy if you’re interested in the idea.

Art + Love,
The Gypsies